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Geoboard Game


Do you need resources to support your PBL mathematics classroom? Look no further! From full projects to performance tasks to authentic problem-solving tasks, I'm providing you with free copies of anything I have made that you may find valuable for your classroom. Please remix these projects and tasks to meet the needs of YOUR students and YOUR community contexts. 

As always, I'm open to suggestions on how to improve these resources. Feel free to drop me a line and collaborate!

Using data over time, students estimate when women and people of color will receive equal pay with white men. Advocacy letters and empathy interviews bring authenticity to this project.

Algebra I

Promotional items define a business. In this project, students connect with a local business to design and 3D print a mug. Using design thinking, students iterate their mug based on authentic feedback. 

7th Geometry/ELA Project

Assuming the role of a scout for a sports team, students design and implement activities to gather measurable data. After analyzing bivariate data, students present findings determining the ideal athlete.

8th Statistics Project

Robots are all around us. Using design thinking, students create a robot to serve a helpful purpose in society. Project can be adapted to both MS and HS math standards.

MS or HS Geometry

Students assume the role of a geneticist at 23 & Me. Using their understanding of genetics and conditional probability, students explain to a potential investor the probability behind a genetics testing kit.

Algebra II or Statistics

Brainstormed during the MMM Virtual Summit, this project is coming soon!

4th Grade

Given pictures of a banana stand, students estimate how many bananas would be on the banana stand as well as the cost of all of the bananas.

Math Modeling Task

Based off of a local news story, estimate how much bottled water is needed to supply the school children of Flint, MI. 

Math Modeling Task

When shopping at the local convenience store, what credit card will provide the best deal?

Math Modeling Task

A flight leaves at 2:30pm and lands at 5:30pm. The flight was 13 hours long. Where did you start? Where did you land?

Math Modeling Task

Using data from a recent run, determine if my friend's uncle is the fastest runner ever. Secret information adds a twist to this real-world data.

Math Modeling Task

What would happen to the surface area of a Rubik's Cube if you removed one or more cubes?

Math Modeling Task

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