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Bringing Project-Based Learning to Life in Mathematics

I'm so thrilled to share my book Bringing Project-Based Learning to Life in Mathematics, K-12 with the education community. I wrote this book by collaborating with educators from Pre-Kindergarten through high school. Throughout the book, projects and performance tasks are highlighted, along wtih a myriad of resources to bring your classroom to life, whether conducting a project experience or not. 


Here's some things you can expect in the book! I hope you'll check it out.

In the Book

What People Are Saying

I am so thankful to my colleagues far and wide who read and reviewed the book in its earliest drafts. Here's what they thought about the book!

This book goes beyond being a primer of how to implement the ambitious and needed ideas of project-based learning (PBL) in any mathematics class- room. It is a book that enthusiastically embraces a wide scholarship of ideas while communicating them with a lightness and whimsy that inspires you to take the needed journey that is intimated in its title. The future of math education lies in imagining classrooms that are not only equitable in their design, but also equitable in their implementation. The best mathematical experiences lie in wait with PBL. This book must be considered the gold standard for creating those student and teacher experiences.

Sunil Singh

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